FamilyWise: A Commitment To Our Community

Three years ago Daugherty Business Solutions partnered with FamilyWise, a nonprofit organization in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, to help families in our community living in poverty. FamilyWise strives to “educate, empower and enrich families who are struggling,” and we are proud to partner with them to accomplish this goal.

Since joining forces with FamilyWise, we have held a number of donation drives collecting items such as board games, school supplies and baby supplies. We have also participated in the FamilyWise Adopt a Family campaign, collecting gift and necessities to be delivered to families during the holiday season.


Welcome Home Baskets


Baby Clothing


Books Donated


Computers Donated


Board Games Donated


Hours of Service

Every fall since our partnership began, Daugherty has organized a Day of Service. During this annual event, volunteers spend the day helping FamilyWise with a variety of project both inside and outside of their offices. Some activities include cleaning up the grounds, addressing thank you cards, cleaning and organizing toys, painting rooms, hanging whiteboards, gardening, and assisting with any technical needs that they may have.

Partnering with FamilyWise has been rewarding beyond measure. In September 2014 we were co-recipients of the Charities Review Council’s Better Together Award. In the fall of 2015, FamilyWise named Daugherty Business Solutions their Community Partner of the Year. But, above all we have gotten to know FamilyWise as an organization, as well as the community they serve.

Similar to our partner, we are committed to helping the communities in which we live and work. We want to help ensure that everyone feels they can succeed and that they can live their best possible life.