Daugherty Passion Project: Making Beautiful Music

Ever since Consultant Rommel Villagomez was a child, he was fascinated with music. He enjoyed the sound of classical and rock guitar, and he started learning to play the instrument when he was 11 or 12.

As he got older, Rommel wanted to create his own music. He and his friends created Mother’s Cry with the goal of infusing different rock styles throughout their songs, from 70s and 80s rock to Progressive. Rommel composes and writes the music, and he also acts as the front man and lead guitarist.

When it comes to music, collaboration drives what Rommel does. He often comes up with ideas, builds on them, and shares them with friends. They may send him feedback or their own ideas, and the songs grow from there into more intricate compositions.

Like with his work as a consultant, Rommel understands that the background work to make music happen may not be apparent to everyone, but the journey to make it come to life is satisfying.