Daugherty Passion Project: Strange Breed – Comics and Beyond with Steve Langille

Scrum Master Steve Langille came by his passion for cartooning honestly, as his mother was an artist. Combined with inheriting his father’s goofy sense of humor, Steve developed his passion for art when he was in the Air Force and reading Far Side comic books. He found the art inspiring, the artist’s take on depicting the real world relatable, and the humor funny.

Steve started his comic strip, Strange Breed, and continued to develop his talents through trying new techniques he found in art books and learning the craft from others. From understanding the humor behind word play, to learning shading techniques like crosshatching and stippling, Steve has developed a style all his own.

Steve uses his talent for looking at the big picture and the moving parts simultaneously in his work as a scrum master at Daugherty. He understands that the teams he works on are made up of people with varying talents that must work towards a common goal in the same way a cartoonist’s end goal is to delight readers.

With an optimistic look on life and a passion for cartooning, Steve brings a wealth of experience to his role as a scrum master that translates across disciplines and provides a unique perspective to the projects he takes on, both at Daugherty and when creating art.