Daugherty Passion Project: Gaming for Good – Extra Life

When you think about playing video games, the idea of doing so as a way to give back to a great cause might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, for Daugherty Technical Services Analyst Zack Lanz, these two passions are intrinsically linked and have allowed him to lead Daugherty’s Extra Life campaign.

Ever the avid gamer, Zack got involved with Extra Life in its early days when the Sarcastic Gamer podcast community launched the initiative to raise money for Texas Children’s Hospital, which was local to the podcast hosts.

Over the years, Extra Life grew from a small charity event to a national nonprofit. However, one thing that has not changed is the format for the event. Gamers play for 24 hours straight, and the money they fundraise goes to the gamer’s hospital of choice thanks to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Zack enjoyed that Extra Life brought gamers together, but he also liked that it allowed him to give back doing something he loved. His parents instilled him with a desire to give back to his local community from an early age, so combining his passion for video games with a way to make a difference in the lives of children and their families going through hard times was a no brainer.

When Zack joined Daugherty, he pitched running the annual event on behalf of the Minneapolis office, and the company didn’t hesitate to provide him the resources to make it happen. The event has brought Daugherty teammates together remotely and in offices when it is safe to do so to play tabletop games, board games, and connect virtually during the event.

As an extra incentive for winter 2021, the third year Team Daugherty came together to support Children’s Miracle Network, Zack promised to get a tattoo if Daugherty Team raised $10,000 for Extra Life. The team ended up raising over $13,000, so Zack got his tattoo!

Giving back to good causes is a big part of what sets apart the folks at Daugherty, and Zack’s ongoing support of Extra Life is a testament to what can be accomplished if we come together in community to support a charity.